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Mirela Catrinel Voicu Websites on Tourism mirela catrinel voicu websites on tourism
In this book we present three websites on tourism. A Paris travel guide, the summer offers at the Romanian Black Sea resorts and the Romanian monasteries are the themes of our websites. We use Java, C#, VB.NET and PHP source codes and we work with Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL databases. For the Paris travel guide we present our implementation using a Java code and a Microsoft SQL Server database. For the summer offers at the Romanian Black Sea resorts we present a first implementation using a Java code and a Microsoft SQL Server database and a second implementation using a C# code and a Microsoft SQL Server database. For the Romanian monasteries we have a first implementation using a Java code and a Microsoft SQL Server database, a second implementation using a PHP code and a MySQL database and a last implementation using a VB.NET code and a Microsoft SQL Server database.
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V. Balan, M. Rahula, N. Voicu Tangent Structures in Geometry and Their Applications mirela catrinel voicu websites on tourism
Differential prolongations are usually obtained by means of differentiation and jets of mappings which are, in one way or another, related to local coordinates. The present book sets the foundation of prolongation theory on iterated tangent bundles, in a coordinate-free manner. Lie-Cartan calculus, the theory of connections in bundles and certain specific structures of Finsler geometry are developed in an invariant form. Applications of this approach include: electromag­netic field theory, generalized gauge fields, Hamilton, Lagrange, Maxwell and Einstein—Yang— Mills equations, Berwald—Moor connections, Jacobi-type stability problems and KCC-theory. The book is mainly intended for scientific researchers, but it can be also used as an ad­vanced textbook. To this aim, the text contains numerous exercises and illustrative examples.
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Vasilica Negrut and Mirela Arsith Designing and Implementing Competency-Based Curriculum mirela catrinel voicu websites on tourism
The book examines the pedagogical fundamentals of the curriculum centered on competences, in the context of a globalized education, highlighting its European dimension. The paradigm of centering on competences focuses on the student’s education act, the student shall possess, after going on the path of didactical approach, the competences that allows him to mobilize the knowledge and skills appropriate for the new learning contexts.
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Shashank Sonwane Websites of Scientific and Research Institutions in India mirela catrinel voicu websites on tourism
The Scientific, Educational and Research Institutions have to provide quality information, speedily and pin-pointedly so as to meet the information needs of the decision makers, research scholars and scientists for their intended reasons. Due to the developments in IT, e-resources are playing important role in dissemination of knowledge. Nearly every institute is developing its own web site. The users interested in pursing a research career in Scientific and Research area access the websites for authentic and reliable information. To determine value or goodness of information provided implies the necessity to evaluate the information provided on their web sites on Internet. The present study “Websites of Scientific Research Institutions in India: An Analytical Study” was carried out on 277 Scientific and Research Institutions and libraries of these institutions. Information was collected from their web sites as well as using a structured questionnaire separately designed for web...
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Mirela Nitoi Considerations about components ageing mirela catrinel voicu websites on tourism
The increasing age of components has the potential to deteriorate their performances and to jeopardize the safe operation of any nuclear facility. By early identification of ageing signs and of components sensitive to its effects, ageing mitigating activities can be focused on the most relevant issues with regard to safety. The book presents the effects that ageing may have, and details the adequate ageing mitigation strategies for all kind of components. A structured view on the methods that may be used to identify the ageing signs, with accurate comments on the strengths and limitations for each of them are provided. A special place is reserved for presenting the new developed technique, Ageing Failure Mode and Effect Analysis, which may be used to evaluate risk priorities for mitigating known threat-vulnerabilities to ageing. The case study results are illustrated with graphical representations. The book should help shed some light on this interesting area of ageing analysis,...
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Impact of Tourism on the Cultural status of Cross River State, Nigeria mirela catrinel voicu websites on tourism
This study focused on the impact of tourism on the cultural status of Cross River State, Nigeria. Data for the study were collected through questionnaire survey, interviews, field inventory and participatory rural appraisal methods. The participatory research appraisal shows that the variation in the number of tourists’ arrivals in some of the months was attributed to the availability of traditional events. The study also reveal that 24 percent of the respondents participated in traditional marriages and the Christmas festivals while 1 percent and 3 percent participated in traditional wrestling festivals and chieftaincy ceremonies. The study also observed that some socio-cultural values of the people (traditional marriages, traditional building pattern, family income, traditional landscape design, art and crafts) were positively affected by the tourists’ interaction with the host communities while other values (traditional belief system, traditional religious worship, native food,...
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The Impact of Tourism on Employment and Economic Development: mirela catrinel voicu websites on tourism
For many developing countries tourism is one of the main income sources and the number one export category, creating much needed employment and opportunities for development. Over the last three decades, Mauritius has experienced a rise in Tourist arrivals from 128,360 to 840,000 in 2009. The hospitality sector, which is a labour intensive sector, has largely contributed to the Mauritian economy which has as main resource its Human Capital. Using a time series data that span from 1979 to 2009, this study explores the potential contribution of tourism to employment, economic development and by ricochet, poverty alleviation using Ordinary Least squares method. Particular attention is paid to the gender-differentiated impact of tourism on the labour market. The results show that receipts from the tourism industry significantly contribute both to the current level of employment and the economic growth of Mauritius.
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Madhusudan Karmakar Eco tourism,Its Regional Impact on the Economy and Management Planning mirela catrinel voicu websites on tourism
‘Ecotourism, its Regional Impact and Management Planning: A Study of North Bengal, India’ presents the topics essential for a clear understanding of ecotourism. The book embraces eight chapters. It emphasizes on the basic concepts of ecotourism and highlights the impact of ecotourism on the regional economy with several case studies. The book is the first attempt for understanding ecotourism scenario of North Bengal in a holistic way. The book is an essential core text for the students, academics, planners, administrators, researchers and other stakeholders in planning and implementation of ecotourism.
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Megha Ramesh Impact of Dubai tourism on UAE economy and the neighboring Gulf states mirela catrinel voicu websites on tourism
This book aims to apply a framework that can be used to explain how tourism and destination branding in Dubai has had a great impact on the national economies of the nations surrounding the city and also the horn of Arabia. The book analyses how effective the various new developments created by the government really are, when discussing the effect of tourism on the UAE economy. It should be mentioned that not only do these developments have an impact on tourism but also on UAE’s real estate market, construction, financial markets, media and I.T, business, trade and investments. Showing that the progress in marketing for Dubai city as a holiday destination has dramatically changed development in many areas of life in the city, inspiring its neighbouring states and countries such as, Oman, Qatar and Bahrain to consider new way to promote their country as a holiday destination.
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